Kris Moller spent most of his life in the technology industry and a few other places he cannot divulge for fear of retribution – whilst on a 3-year backpacking hiatus through Europe and the Middle East. He also starred in a feature film, broke his leg on his first parachute jump, and spent time in a shark cage.

Kris now writes in both fiction and non-fiction genre categories.

Kris has now started on his Aron Tusk series. SKULL – Book 1 of the series – was published on 19 December 2022, and is available on Amazon, Apple, Books2Read and a few other places. CARD, the prequel, is a free give-away to his Readers’ List by clicking the link in the back ofSKULL for a sign-up to his no-spam newsletter. It provides a lot of backstory to the happenings in SKULL.

In his fiction six-part series, protagonist Peter Carter finds himself the target of arguments he does not always win. Kris has just finished THE INLAW – Book 4 in this series. He has paused this series until mid-2023 whilst working on his Aron Tusk series. You can buy the series by clicking here PETER CARTER SERIES

On the non-fiction side, his practical self-help book “PAY OFF CREDIT CARD DEBT FAST – Four Steps to Freedom” displays an in-depth knowledge based on personal experience, which he vividly highlights with easy to understand examples.  His book “Over 65 and Still in Demand” addresses retirement without retiring.

Kris lives with his wife, Ervina, in a small house, tending a small garden.

On top of the volcano – Mount Krakatau – 1990

Relaxing – 2019